Before you read this, I have to post the typical parental advisory message. Because there is going to be a lot of swearing in this article and if you are sensitive about it, then you are advised not to read this article. Okay?

As a teacher now, I am not suppose to say any bad words or do any swearing. This is of course, because teachers have to set a good example, and swearing or saying words like “shit”,

“damn”, or “fuck” would be a bad example that kids will follow if they hear you say any of these. It is a bad influence.

Though I am not an absolute believer of this, I still have to follow it for the fear of being reprimanded or of losing my job. Anyway, young kids already know these words or will pick it up in the future from a different source, the thing is just as long the source is not you, it is okay.

So why am I not a firm believer of this? This is because I always believe that words were generated to express what we truly feel at a certain moment. If we really have a bad day or feel much worse, then we use words that truly represent what we feel. With or without censorhip, feelings need to be expressed through these words.

That is why such words have been created, and part of our vocabulary so we can use them to express ourselves.

Of course, maybe there are words to replace “shit”, “damn”, or “fuck”. In Bisaya there may be words that can replace “atay” ( Is liver, as in the anatomical one, the English term for “atay”?) or “leche” or “piskot”.

(I know there are still a lot of Bisaya terms for swearing that I don’t have the guts to write it now so I leave it up for your imagination.)

Okay so if this is how I stand in swearing and bad words, how do I replace them with other terms or words that still can be swearing and I still get to express myself and also still get to keep my job?

Well, a style to do this is to replace shit with “shoot”. Then in Bisaya I need to say “buanga” now instead of “ataya” which is hard to do because “buanga” and “ataya” are very different words unlike shit and shoot.

Though I think I will just have to replace “ataya” with “pataya” or “patay”.

So this could be the way to do it. Hope this works.

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